What’s the latest between Abhishek Khan and Firoza? [Watch Video]



Bigg Boss 17 has a great mix of dramas, controversies, fights, friendships, and romances to keep its fans entertained. …

Bigg Boss 17 keeps its fans entertained by a good mixture of drama, controversies and fights. There are also friendships and romance. In a recent episode there was a very interesting nomination process. Samarth Jurel – Isha’s boyfriend – entered the show. Isha initially refused to acknowledge their relationship. She eventually accepted it. Abhishek Khanzaadi has been getting close to her former flame since then. Abhishek expressed his interest for Khanzaadi as a joke. In the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 17, viewers will see their sweet relationship grow as Abhishek attempts to make amends to Khanzaadi who is upset. In a promo, Abhishek apologizes and runs after Khanzaadi.

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