Vicky Jain becoming more affectionate with Ankita Lokhande Isha Malviya is scolded by Isha Malviya because of THIS


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Bigg Boss 17 has a lot of drama. The current lot may not be entertaining, but fights happen daily in the house. Bigg Boss 17 makes news for Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya and Vicky Jain. Ankita Lohande. They were also competitors on the show Smart Jodi. Fans have said that Vicky Jain’s partner is a big red flag. People found him to be dominating, rude, and narcissistic. He tells Ankita Lokhande to not talk with him in an unkind manner, but he is himself quite toxic. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17, Aishwarya mimics Ankita Lohande, and netizens call her ‘disgusting’ [Watch Video]

We saw his reaction to Aishwarya’s remark that Ankita Lokhande was a chudail. After the nominations, the actress got into a huge spat with Neil Bhatt. Aishwarya came in and started a fight with Ankita Lokhande. She later called her a chudail. Vicky Jain became very upset with her. Another instance has now come to light. It appears that the housemates were discussing Isha’s lip gloss. She looked at Vicky Jain, and told him that Sana Rahees Khan had applied the same color. He reminded her immediately that he loved his wife and would not say such things to national television. Also Read – Bigg Boss Poll: Is Munawar Fauqui losing his edge amidst the high-voltage drama between married couples? Vote NOW

It is not the first instance that the relationship between Vicky Jain, and Sana Raees has been scrutinized. Mannara Chopra said that it looked like Sana had a crush on Vicky. The lawyer has admitted she likes to talk with him in the show. Vicky Jain has also repaired his relationship with Sana Raees. Also Read: Bigg Boss 2017: Ankita and Aishwarya shout at each other during the latter’s fight against Abhishek. [Watch]

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