Top Pakistani actresses allegedly underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance



Aishwarya is causing a stir among Bigg Boss 17’s fans. The actress is slowly revealing her true colors, and the public is not pleased. Aishwarya has had two major showdowns on the show with Neil Bhatt. If we look at the show, it is clear that he is much calmer than she is. Currently, the couple is in a big fight with Ankita Lohande and Vicky Jain. The issue has gotten worse since the nominations episode. Aishwarya has refused to cook now for the entire dil house.

Aishwarya has been spotted on social media mimicking Ankita. Many have been offended by the actresses’ facial expressions and way of mocking other people. Vicky Jain didn’t back down from a fight she had with her the previous evening. Aishwarya mimics Ankita’s mannerisms in the new clip. Neil Bhatt’s sitting beside his wife has upset many netizens. Here are some of the reactions…

Neil Bhatt has also been criticized for his tolerance of his wife’s behaviour. The two couples on the show are completely opposite. Vicky Jain seems to be constantly at odds with Ankita Lohande. We wonder what will happen when the show ends.

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