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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai This is one of most popular TV shows. The show gets more interesting each day, and the audience is hooked. The show’s makers are working hard to keep their fans interested. The current episodes of Yeh Rishtakya Kehlata Ha have a lot more drama and have undergone a huge generational shift. Rajbet Movies has now been on WhatsApp. Click here to subscribe for the latest Entertainment News.

Yuvraj is in love with Abhira and harasses her. He wants Abhira married to him. Abhira becomes afraid of Yuvraj. She does not want to ever see his face again. Akshara is a roadblock for Yuvraj.

In the upcoming episode, Akshara will tell Yuvraj’s dad Jagraj to keep his son far away from Abhira. Jagraj is likely to agree to this due to elections. He will be seen warning Yuvraj away from Abhira. Akshara appears to be supporting Abhira, who doesn’t want to marry Yuvraj. Akshara is concerned about Abhira, her daughter.

Akshara is desperate to save Abhira and has no other choice than to sacrifice her. Akshara demands Abhira, who is in a dead bed, to leave Mussourie for Udaipur because her family lives there. Abhira is devastated as Akshara dies. What will be the next step? Will Abhira wed Yuvraj?

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