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Deepika Padukone She was in the spotlight after her first appearance with her husband, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh Karan Johar’s Show Koffee with Karan 8,. After Deepika’s comments about her relationship with Ranveer, she was trolled heavily, and still is. But guess what else? What about the other side? Jawan diva? No. Deepika Padukone is a far cry from the Koffee fiasco. She finally addressed it in her recent interview with Vogue. The Fighter The diva confessed that she speaks without thinking twice, because she knows nothing else. Rajbet Movies has now been on WhatsApp. Click here to receive the latest Entertainment News.

Deepika Padukone’s statement reads: “When I feel strongly or passionately, I don’t think twice before expressing myself. I’ve grown into a person that isn’t afraid to speak the truth or to admit mistakes. I’m not scared to say sorry, and it’s okay if I’m the only one in the room with a different perspective.”


Karan Johar, before Deepika, had recited the since rolling and slammed on the trollers. He said they were going nowhere doing this. “Do whatever you need to because no one will be looking. You will get nowhere by trolling. You will not get anywhere.”

Deepika Padukone has received some nasty comments after her Koffee fiasco.

Ranveer Singh shared the first glimpse of their wedding video in Karan Johar’s program. Everything about her dress, as Ranveer described it, was beautiful. Ranveer and Deepika, both power couples in Bollywood, don’t care what others think. Today, Ranveer Padukone and Deepika celebrate five years of marriage.



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