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Fans of Bigg Boss 17 were shocked to see how Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya and their fight inside the house. The actress is known to have a temper. She will not let her husband talk when she is upset. Neil Bhatt was a victim of sympathy for everyone who watched the episode. The actor was a good spouse throughout the show. We can see how he treats his wife Aishwarya. She has been moody from the beginning. Neil Bhatt has been trying to be more active since Bigg boss took him to the therapy room.

The reaction to the fight yesterday was mixed. Many people feel that Aishwarya and Neil Bhatt have different personalities. Her disrespectful approach towards the star disappointed a lot of people. Kamya, who was also a contestant in the past, has now reacted to this matter.

Rajiv Adatia feels the same way about Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya and their game. Such fights can only affect their game and reputation outside. Neil Bhatt is likely to have a talk with his wife about what’s going on inside tonight.

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