The unknown stories behind Virat Kohli's 12 tattoos



Ranbir Kapoor The following are some examples of how to get started: Deepika Padukone They once shared a close bond and are still very friendly today. There was a period when the Animals He said she should be dating a man like him. This old video of Ranbir with Deepika is going viral online, and fans can’t get over their crackling relationship. The Brahmastra This candid actor reveals many secrets about himself. Deepika Padukone The actress is a little uncomfortable and warns Ranbir to not reveal too much about her, or she will do the same. Rajbet Movies are now on WhatsApp. Click here to subscribe for the latest Entertainment News.

Watch the viral video where Ranbir Kapoor claims that Deepika padukone should be with him because he meets all her expectations. She denies.

Ranbir Kapoor He claims that he believes that DP deserves a guy just like him as he fulfills all of her expectations. She claims that he does not match any of them. However, their chemistry is still something that makes fans swoon. Ranbir has happily moved on with his personal life. While the Fighter The actress is married to a man (Ranveer SinghRanbir is also satisfied with a person who matches her criteria. Alia Bhatt, whom he admires. And that girl, Raha KapoorThe sunshine of their life is. As they say, destiny brings the person you deserve.

Ranbir is a good friend of Deepika and they are very friendly. They will be sharing space in Brahmastra Part Two The fan’s first glimpse of them online created quite a buzz.

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