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Bigg Boss 17 The fights have been increasing for the past four weeks. Relationships have been tested and the results are not good. But that’s not all. Bigg Boss How about houses? It’s full of ups & downs. Recently, we have seen Mannara Chopra Fighting with someone is not the same as fighting with them. Jigna Vohra The following are some examples of how to get started: Rinku Dhawan Her good friend Munawar Faruqui. The actress has recently called Khanzaadi an uncharacteristic person, and netizens have shown the mirror to her.

Is Mannara chopra losing her edge in the show?

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We have seen Mannara lash out at Jigna Vohra and Rinku Dhawan in the last three days of Bigg Boss 17 but not directly. Mannara felt targeted by Jigna and Rinku over kitchen tasks and duties. Jigna’s mention of Munawar, and their bond, made her feel particularly bad. Mannara says she doesn’t want to be linked with Munawar, and has been very clear about her stance. They remain friends. Mannara, on the other hand, was very upset with Munawar for the past couple of days. She felt he was poke her unnecessarily, by asking Khanzaadi if he would fight behind her. She demanded that Munawar apologize publicly and slammed her to no end.

Mannara, on the other hand has formed bonds with many people besides Munawar. Many people have linked Bigg Boss housemates together, such as Khanzaadi & Abhishek & Munawar Faruqui. Mannara Chopra was mentioned in two love triangles. Now, in the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, we saw Mannara call Khanzaadi as a characterless individual. Mannara Chopra had a breakdown, and she asked Bigg Boss for help. She also asked to be called into the confession room. She also missed her family. Ankita Lokhande consoled her after she rant about Khanzaadi, calling her characterless. Ankita reprimanded Mannara, but she continued.

We also saw Mannara taunting Ankita over her polite remarks to Jigna and Rinku. They are both elders. Mannara’s disrespect of elders has been attacked by the internet. We also saw Mannara flirting for rice with Abhishek and cheering him when he fell down in tonight’s show. Many netizens have pointed out that she does the same. Some people even agree with Rinku, believing that Mannara’s a fake. Netizens feel that Mannara’s treatment of Rinku and Jigna was very bad.

Here are some reactions:

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All this ruckus was caused because Rinku and Jigna nominated Mannara as a candidate for elimination. Mannara’s been sulky ever since. She has taken out all her anger on Munawar. Now, the netizens believe that she is a crying baby.

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