Sudhanshu pandey aka Vanraj reveals the reason why he took time off from the Rupali ganguly and Gaurav khanna starrer


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Rupali Ganuly, Gaurav Kanna You can also find out more about the following: Sudhanshu Pandey Starrer Anupamaa Since its beginning, it has been a huge hit. The show that was always on top of the TRP charts has now seen a decline. It seems that the show is not working properly. This week it was on the third position. The TRPs are dropping since we’ve all seen the death scene of Samar in the show. Anuj was blamed by the public for the way Samar died. The entry of Malti Devi is also not very impressive, and so the TRPs have dropped. Kinjal, Toshu and other characters have been seen leaving for UK in recent episodes. Also Read – TRP Report week 45: The new generation story of Yeh Rishta Ki Kehlata Ha fails to impress, while Bigg Boss 17 threatens Anupamaa

Rajbet Movies now on TV WhatsApp. Click here to subscribe for the latest Entertainment News. Vanraj, amidst all of this, decided to go to rehab, leaving Baa and Bapuji alone. Vanraj will be absent for a few more days. Sudhanshu pandey, who plays Vanraj Shah, has now revealed why he decided to take a break from his role. Also Read – Anupamaa twists and turns: Anu calls Pakhi “Baanjh”; decides to get Dimpy to marry Tapish

Sudhanshu pandey takes a short break from Anupamaa

Sudhanshu Pandey went live on Instagram He revealed that he was in Dubai on vacation. He said that, as shown in the series, Vanraj went to rehab and for Sudhanshu vacation is like a rehabilitation center. He said the last couple of months were very intense for him on the show. This is a big news story on TV Also Read: Anupamaa shocking reveals: Choti Anu’s death will lead to Anu-Anuj being separated; an enemy will make a comeback.

Sudhanshu reveals his reasons for taking a break from Anupamaa

He said that when the death scene for Samar was played, it was difficult to watch and to act. He said that the scenes had been so emotionally draining that it was best to take a short break and return with new energy.

He also said he’s doing the live to see what people think about the scenes in Anupamaa.

We recently saw a new addition to the show. Kunwar Amarjeet joined the show in the role of Tapish. He is a dancer, social media influencer, and a professional. He was cast opposite Nishi Saxena, who portrays Dimpy.

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Tapish’s entrance is shown to be a healing for Anupamaa, Dimpy and the other characters so that they are able to come out of Samar’s death. Tapish is going to get closer with Dimpy. We might see him be her supporter following Samar’s passing.

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