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Bigg boss 17 has seen Ankita Lokhande fight with Aishwarya. The two have fought over nominations, housework, and other things. Now, it appears that Ankita Lokhande will be fighting with Mannara Chopra. The video has already been posted on social media. Mannara was crying in the garden yesterday evening. Ankita Lokhande embraced and consoled her when she saw her. She also tried resolving the differences between Munawar Fauqui and herself. The two had not spoken in a couple days. Ankita had a fight about something with Mannara.

Ankita Lokhande Lokhande blasts Mannara Chopra on Bigg Boss 17

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Ankita Lohande, in a video, says that Mannara is untrustworthy. She says she is Bin Painde Ka Lota. She says that Mannara chopra gossips about everyone in the house. In recent times, we’ve seen her developing a friendship with Anurag Dhobhal. Ankita Lohande is heard saying she is not a person who can form strong bonds. Check out this video to see how netizens react on the same ….

Last night Mannara Chopra and Jigna Vora fought violently, leaving the senior reporter in tears. Rinku Dhawan then calls her a phony player on her cheek. Rinku Dhawan’s response to the actress was a hit with fans. Mannara Chopra is saying some very objectionable words in the house.

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