Salman Khan says that he is upset about the firecrackers that caused a near-stampede at Malegaon Theatre; he says, “This is dangerous”


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Tiger 3 was released in cinemas on Diwali. The film is on track to surpass the Rs 100 crore milestone in just two days. Tiger 3 is also a hit at the global box office. Fans are celebrating its release in cinemas across the country. Social media was shocked by the video of firecrackers going off in a Maharashtra theatre. Not one, but seven fans lit rocket-like crackers in the hall. The crackers went off in the lower area. People ran everywhere to avoid the sparks. The sparks caused a stampede-like situation in the hall. Also Read – Tiger 3, Box Office Collection Day 1: Salman Khan’s starrer mints more than Rs 44 crores, becoming his biggest opener

Salman Khan urges Tiger 3 viewers to be careful when watching the movie

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Salman Khan tweeted that fans should not indulge in such activities. He said it was dangerous. We know that firecrackers emitting sparks are more dangerous than bombs. India has seen the Uphaar disaster where 59 died from suffocation, while more than a hundred were injured in a crush. The Supreme Court ordered a cracker ban in 2023. People in Indian metropolises and small towns burst many fireworks on Diwali. The ban hasn’t been enforced in many Indian states. Also Read – Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik’s cameo in Tiger 3 has been leaked

Salman Khan tweeted his fans to warn them that the situation was dangerous and lives were at risk. He warned people to be safe.

This follows the wedding fire disaster in Iraq that left the entire world in shock. More than 100 people lost their lives in a wedding ceremony after fireworks set off a fire at the venue. Tiger 3 made over Rs 90 crores in the first day. It was a risky move for the producers to release the film on Diwali. Salman Khan’s and Katrina Kaif’s roles are loved by the fans.

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