Salman Khan’s and Emraan Hashmi’s playful Kiss leaves Fans in Stitches [Watch]


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Emraan hashmi, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan attended the Tiger 3 fan meeting to meet their fans.

Emraan Hahmi greeted his fans at the Tiger 3 Fan Meet-Up. It was a huge hit. The evening was filled to the brim with dancing and fun, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Salman Khan’s and Emraan hashmi’s hilarious kissing scenes left everyone in stitches. The whole thing was meant to be funny and entertain the audience. Salman Khan tried to kiss Emraan Hahmi in a playful way, and everyone was enthralled by the unexpected moment. Even Katrina Kaif could not resist joining in on the laughter. The fan meet-up gave fans a chance to get close and personal with stars they love. The energy was electric in the room as fans danced and cheered. The night was filled with pure entertainment and unforgettable memories. Overall, the Tiger 3 Fan Meet-Up was a huge success. Fans left with smiles and fond memories. It’s moments such as these that make being an avid fan so special.

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