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Bigg Boss The most popular reality show. The 17th episode of the show has just aired and fans are enjoying it. This season’s contestants have made the show very interesting, and it has become the most talked about topic on social media. The TRPs for the show were fantastic at the beginning, but have now dropped. The show is still being talked about on social media. Many celebrities have been approached to appear on the show, but many have declined.

One celebrity that was approached was Anupamaa Sagar Parekh. Sagar’s death sequence was reported in the media. Anupamaa He was the center of attention. He played Samar in the show. Fans were not pleased with the death scenes shown in Rupali’s Rupali Ganguly-starrer.

Sagar Parekh has been offered Bigg boss 17

Post Sagar’s Journey ended in AnupamaaHe got many offers. The actor revealed he had been offered Bigg Boss 17,, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 There are many more shows. This was an important story in the Entertainment news.

Sagar revealed his reasons for not doing something to Etimes. Bigg Boss 17,. He said that he would be interested in participating in the show. He was surprised when he received Bigg Boss He expected that he’d get it when he’s in his late 30s, after doing some big performances.

Sagar was offered Bigg Boss 17 before he left Anupamaa

He revealed that he would not have turned down the opportunity to do Bigg Boss in his 30s had he received it. He revealed that the offer was made to him before he left Anupamaa. He even went to meetings and everything was working out, but his parents did not want him to take the show.

Sagar’s Parents stopped him from participating in Bigg Boss 17

His mother told her that she did not want him so famous and is happy with who he is. She told him she wants him to become an actor, not a celebrity. Sagar’s mum told him that with his good works, he will eventually become a celebrity.

Sagar told his friends that he would like to perform in the show again next year.

BTS videos from Bigg Boss 17 promo

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

Talking about the contestants Bigg Boss 17,Ankita Lokhande is seen in the show along with Vicky Jain. Aishwarya Singh, Aishwarya Jain, Isha Mamgai and Sana Raees Khan.

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