Raveena Tandon seeks divine blessings in Rishikesh, performs Ganga Aarti in traditional attire [Watch]


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Raveena Tandon is a renowned Bollywood actress who recently embarked on spiritual journey to Rishikesh. In search of divine knowledge, she…

Raveena Tadon, a renowned Bollywood actress, embarked recently on a spiritual trip to Rishikesh. She was seeking divine blessings as well as serenity. She immersed her heart in the spiritual atmosphere of the sacred Ganga River. Raveena’s grace and elegance were evident as she wore traditional clothing. As the sun was setting, Raveena joined devotees on the ghats to watch the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. The air was filled by the scent of incense, and the sound of devotional songs. Raveena joined in the sacred ritual with folded hands, a serene smile and her prayers for the holy river. As she gracefully performed Aarti, moving the flames in a circle motion, as though communicating with divine forces, her presence added an air of divinity to this sacred ritual. The flickering flames moved in harmony with the rhythmic Chants, creating an amazing spectacle.

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