Ankita Lokhande’s expose Mannara Chopra’s ‘frustrated husband’ gets mixed reactions


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Tonight’s episode will be Bigg Boss 17, It was a highly volatile, but one-sided situation. It was Ankita Lokhande Exposing Mannara Chopra It all started with Mannara talking to the other housemates. It all began with Mannara talking about Isha Malviya. Ankita intervened, telling Isha not to trust Mannara because she would bond with someone and then backbite them and then bond with a second person and do the exact same thing. Mannara remained calm throughout the ordeal. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17. Ankita Lohande Vs Mannara Chopra & more nastiest house cat fights.

Ankita Lokhande exposes Mannara Chopra; Khanzaadi joins

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Ankita Lokhande believes that Mannara is very insecure. Ankita Lokhande also told Khanzaadi to call her characterless. Mannara is a complete blank when Khanzaadi confronts. She said that she didn’t understand what Ankita was saying. Ankita’s statement is met with a cool reaction from Mannara, but Ankit goes to town and reveals what Mannara was saying. He says that Mannara had been talking about Khanzaadi grabbing and hugging Abhishek. Ankita’s attack was met with silence by Mannara. She looked dumb. Ankita called her and her play dumb. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17, double eliminations this weekend? Who will be the next to go?

Khanzaadi lost it on Mannara, calling her a jealous woman. She called her a jealous person and said that she had never shown her true character in their fights. Khanzaadi then exposed Mannara’s game, saying that Mannara would only be nice until nominations. She said that whoever had nominated Mannara was the worst. Rinku agreed to Khanzaadi’s statements. Also Read – Bigg Boss: Mannara Chopra believes Ankita Lohande will be among the top three; Aishwarya Singh agrees

Ankita’s angry outburst at Mannara gets a response from netizens

Netizens have mixed reactions to the same. Ankita’s position was deemed to be correct by the netizens. Her actions, reaction, and timing of her reaction were all wrong. Ankita, they feel, should have brought up the issue when it happened. Ankita’s appearance as a clown, according to some netizens, was also questioned by those who felt she brought up the subject when Vicky was focusing on Sana Raees Khan’s expose. She had a small fight with Vicky following Mannara’s exposé. Many people agreed with Ankita and felt that she blasted Mannara for her elitist attitudes towards others. Take a look at the reactions of these people:

Munawar, who was good friends with Mannara on the show, told her what he thought. Mannara Chopra had another breakdown, this time claiming that everyone was after her. Mannara also wonders when chatting with Anurag if people had been hand-picked and brought into the home to corner her.

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