Anuj will expose Malti in front of Anuj. Will Anu throw her out of Kapadia house?


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Anupamaa: Malti Devi iAnu’s new challenge (Rupali Ganguly life. The Guru Maa’s (Apara Mehta), who is in vamp mode, has learned the truth about Anuj Kapadia.Gaurav Khanna) mom. Malti is seen plotting evil against Anupamaa. This time, however, she has gone beyond that and used Choti Anu. In the upcoming episodes viewers will see how Malti Dev tries to provoke Choti Anu during her annual day. Anupamaa is busy, and her father is there for. Anu finds out that Malti Devi had hid the truth regarding Choti Abbas annual function and rushes to attend. Rajbet Movies are now on WhatsApp. Click here to receive the latest Entertainment News. Also Read – Rupali’s Anupamaa tops TRP chart; Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai remains stable despite leap

Meanwhile, Anupamaa was unable to attend the school event. It will be interesting to see whether both Anuj, and Anu, make it to Choti Anu’s annual sports day. If yes, Malti will be exposed to her son Anuj Kapadia who hasn’t acknowledged her as his mother. Also Read – Anupamaa – Pakhi-Adhik will get separated, Anupamaa warns Malti Devi & more

Anu, who has always been a sympathetic person, will not do so this time. Malti Devi has crossed her boundaries and she will be thrown out of the Kapadia house. Anu has noticed that Malti is instigating her against her, by suing the family members of hers. However, she still chooses the benefit-of-the doubt. Choti’s Anu’s incident has made her not forgive Guru Maa, and she will be kicking her out. Also Read – Anupamaa – Sagar Parekh believes the low TRPs for Rupali Ganguly’s show are due to Samar’s sudden demise?

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