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BTS leader RM aka Kim Namjoon is in the news. A picture of him smoking was shared on social media two days ago. Namjoon smoked a cigarette with a friend. BTS ARMY defended Namjoon, saying that he is an adult now. Others said he should be careful because millions look up to him as a model and icon. Later, the rapper and leader of BTS deleted that Insta-story. He has been talking about how he wants enjoy his life and show people who he is as a young man. Today, he shared a picture with his mother and father.

BTS Namjoon shared a family photo with his fans

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The leader of BTS shares a lot of things with ARMYs. He is open about his feelings, and tells fans that they should keep their heads up no matter the circumstances. He said he was supportive of all of them. Fans love the picture of him with both his parents. It looks like he was on vacation in Europe. According to military guidelines, he will soon enlist. People have noticed he has his mother’s smiles, chin and eyes. Check out the adorable photo…

The leader of BTS revealed that his father was a Korean chemical engineer, who worked for SK Energy. He wanted his son also to pursue engineering, as it is a lucrative field. His mother is in the real-estate business. She was the one who encouraged him to pursue his musical dreams and stood by her like a rock. BTS RM has a richer family than some of the other members.

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