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Anushka sharma You can also find out more about the following: Virat Kohli They are expecting their second child. After spotting her baby bump at the airport in her most recent appearance, fans are certain that she is pregnant. The second pregnancy news is about Anushka sharma Since then, speculations about the couple have been endless. Virat and Anushka, who are a very private couple, have not made an official statement regarding the speculation. However, the curiosity about their personal lives has never been lower. Anushka has been seen at the Bangalore Airport, and her pregnancy stroll is adding fuel to speculation. Many people are wondering why the couple hasn’t made an official announcement about their second child.

Watch the video of Anushka and Virat walking together. This video will spark a whole new round of rumours about her pregnancy.

Rajbet Movies now on TV WhatsApp. Click here to subscribe for the latest Entertainment News. Many rumors surround Anushka’s and Virat’s pregnancy. Anushka Sharma has decided to not make an official announcement, now that fans are aware and there is a lot of buzz around it. The couple will announce the birth of the baby, but they will ask the media to keep their newborn out of the spotlight.

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Anushka and Virat announced their first pregnancy after completing their second trimester. The news of Anushka’s pregnancy was not revealed by paparazzi because it was during a lockdown.

Anushka Sharma may quit acting after the birth of her second child.

In an interview with Simi Gharewal. Anushka sharma She said she would be fine to stop acting and bit work once she had children. Anushka hasn’t released a Bollywood film since Vamika’s birth; her last release was in 2007. Chakda Xpress, which is still to be released. Fans are eagerly awaiting her return.

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