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Shah Rukh Khan Fans are eagerly awaiting the first look at his third release of this year. Dunki. If the reports are to believed, the Jawan The star will unveil the first teaser for his film Dunki On his birthday, tomorrow, November 2, 2020. Shah Rukh Khan The singer is preparing to surprise his fans with not one, but two teasers. Dunki. As per reports, DunkBoth of i’s teasers are certified by theCentral Board of Film Certification With a U-certificate. Bollywood Hungama claims that Dunki On October 30, teasers received the certificate. One teaser can be as short as 58 seconds, and the other one should be 1 minute and 56 seconds.

The second teaser for Dunki will be released with Tiger 3 during Diwali

One of the teasers for the film will be launched at Shah Rukh KhanThe makers haven’t decided yet which one to show first, but it’s most likely the shorter one. One they plan to release. Salman Khan’The most-awaited film Tiger 3 during Diwali.

It is also possible that the producers will change their plans and only show a teaser, and then release the film directly in December. The second teaser might never be shown.

Shan Rukh Khan This is the first time he has worked with anyone. Rajkumar Hirani. The film also includes Taapsee aapsee Pannu As the female lead. Dunki is scheduled to release on December 21st, 2023. Stay tuned for more entertainment news.

Shah Rukh Khan The massive success of 2023 has been a great achievement for him blockbusters Jawan and Pathaan, As per predictions Dunki Dunki will be bigger and more exciting than either of them. This shows that King Khan is here and ready to rule, whether it’s the box office or the hearts. He is the emperor in Bollywood.

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