Kamya panjabi says Vicky Jain should have not done the show, and that Ankita Lohande should have been with Vicky Jain.


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Bigg Boss 17 The show has been well received. The show has become very popular in social media and the audience shares their opinions about contestants via X (formerly Twitter). The TRPs for the show are amazing. This season we had two married couples in the house. Ankita Lokhande – Vicky Jain Aishwarya Bhatt-Neil Sharma But things are not going well for these jodis. They’ve been fighting constantly, and their relationship is going to a rough time. Aishwarya seems to have sorted out the situation with Neil, but Ankita is going in the wrong direction. Also Read: Bigg Boss 2017: Is Ankita a mother? Actress makes shocking reveal

Rajbet Movies are now on! WhatsApp. Click here to get the latest Entertainment News. Bigg Boss changed the rooms of several contestants recently. Vicky Jain was put in the Dimaag Room and Ankita remained in the Dil House. Ankita was unhappy about the move, but Vicky appeared happy. Bigg boss even told Ankita Vicky looks very happy. Ankita was upset with Vicky because she was so happy that Vicky left her alone in the Dil Room. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17, Elimination: Ankita Lohande, Anurag Dbhal and other nominees; whose journey ends?

Ankita Lokhande upset about Vicky being in Dimaag room

He tried to explain it was Bigg boss who changed the room, but she kept saying she is upset as he is happy about the changes. Ankita said that she married him in error and asked him to forget about their marriage. This is a major story in TV and Entertainment News. Also Read – Bigg Boss: Ayesha reacts to Aishwarya’s aggressive behaviour towards Neil Bhatt and says ‘Koi dosti hai uske Sath’

She also accuses him of using and feeling betrayed. Vicky tried convincing her, but failed. Since a long time, we’ve seen them have differences. Salman Khan has told Vicky to respect his wife and he has been dominating.

Vicky has stayed away from Ankita, because of the accusations made against him during weekend ka vaar. Ankita and Vicky Jain are not doing well. A TV star and former BiggBoss contestant thinks that Ankita shouldn’t have taken part in the show.

Kamya panjabi thinks Ankita shouldn’t be on the show

Kamya panjabi, Bigg Boss 7’s contestant, believes that Ankita was wrong to take part in the show. She wrote in X, formerly known as Twitter, “I like Ankita a lot but today i feel usko nahi aana chahiye tha i iss show meh. Definitely, not with her spouse! I hope she gets the game before it’s too late for her and vikki. #BB17 @ColorsTV”

BTS videos from Bigg Boss 17 promo

It looks like Kamya was right. Ankita recently revealed that she has also been throught urine and blood tests to check if is she pregnant or not. She revealed to Vicky, that she missed her period and has mood swings.

Bigg Boss 17 Participants

BiggBoss 17, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain aka Khanzaadi, Aishwarya sharma, Neil Bhatt aka Aishwarya, Isha Mamgai aka Sana Raees Khan, Soniya bansal, Anurag dhobal aka Sunny Arya, Jigna Vora aka Jigna Vora, Firoza Khan as Khanzaadi, Mannara Chopra

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