Kajol wears a black body-hugging outfit for an occasion; netizens question if she’s wearing her daughter Nysa devgn’s dress


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Kajol appears in a body-hugging black dress and is trolled because of her bold choice.

Kajol’Fans gave her a thumbs-down for wearing a black, body-hugging outfit. The actress wore a dress that looked a bit uncomfortable and was heavily trolled by netizens for wearing such a bold outfit. Netizens body shame the actress, asking if she was wearing her daughter Nysa Devgn‘s dress. Kajol’s fans are usually mesmerized by her beautiful looks and her fashionable avatars, but this time they were not impressed. Kajol was not happy with her total look, especially the long open hair. But she is a beautiful woman and has never cared about the criticism. One user commented: “Always dresses shabby!” One user asked: “Daughter dress”. Another user said: “But you can see she looks uncomfortable in that dress”. Kajol received an award for her performance. The Trail.

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