Is Anurag about to leave the show? [Watch Video]


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The tension in the home reached its peak when Anurag dobhal, known as The UK07 Ride, got into an argument with…

Anurag dobhal, aka The UK07 Rider got into an argument with Arun Mahashetty. The tension in the house reached a peak when Anurag Dobhal, also known as The UK07 Rider, got into a heated argument with Arun Mahashetty. But that’s just the beginning! Anurag took his actions to a new level when he started destroying Bigg boss’s property, and even became physically violent. Bigg Boss then took a stand and nominated Anurag to be evicted until the end of show. Everyone watching was shocked. There’s more to come! Anurag’s surprising decision was revealed in the new promo. He decided to leave the entire show. Can you believe it? This is a major turn in the game that has everyone wondering what the future of Bigg Boss 17 will be. What made Anurag make such a drastic decision? Will he leave the show permanently? Tune in to find out. The drama in the Bigg Boss home never seems to end. This latest development is sure to keep us all on our toes. Be prepared for more twists as Bigg Boss 17 continues.

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