Has Kangana Ranaut quit veganism? As the actress drools at spicy squid curries, netizens dig out old comments about beef


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Kangana Ranaut It is well-known that news is made. The actress is currently working on her new movie with R Madhavan. They are reuniting. Tanu Weds and Manu Returns. The movie was supposed to be a mystery. Kangana Ranaut posted a photo with Rajinikanth A couple of weeks ago. She has shared a picture now of the spicy curry made by the film producer. Kangana Ranaut posted a picture on her Instagram stories of a non vegetarian feast. In the picture, we can see squid masala, prawns curry and pieces of fried men fish. Fans have been wondering if she is no longer vegan. Also Read: From Virat Kohli to Anushka Sharma, Bollywood celebrities and the beautiful vacation homes they own

Kangana Ranaut’s food habits have changed

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Kangana was a non-vegetarian before 2013. The foodie actress enjoyed her mutton curries and biryani. She then gave up non-vegetarian and dairy products to become a vegetarian. The actress said that she felt more physically and emotionally supported after becoming vegan. Kangana Ranaut claimed she stopped eating meat for spiritual reasons. Netizens wonder if the actress is no longer vegan and has rediscovered a taste for non-vegetarian food. It is possible that she eats a limited amount of non-vegetarian food for health reasons. She has undergone a number of physical transformations in the last few years for her movies. Also Read – Kangana Rainaut reunites R Madhavan with Tanu Weds Manu fans after eight years to make a psychological thriller

Reddit has been flooded with reactions from Reddit users. Some have even re-discovered her old interview, which was done at the time of Krrish 3 Her mother had apparently made her promise not to eat beef. The actress became curious about the meat, and began eating steaks. She claimed that she had never eaten snakes or octopus. Kangana said that her family is responsible for her love of meat, as they eat non-veg at least twice a weekly. Recently, she wrote on X that a vegan diet is not good for her. Also Read – Channel Your Inner Celebrity with These Top 5 Leather Jackets

I thought Kangana was a vegetarian ?
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Here is a video of Kangana Rahnaut:

Kangana Ranaut has a very enviable body. The actress works out regularly to keep in top shape.

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