Fans are confused by Anu’s ‘300-rupee’ sandals when she arrives in the US. [VIEW TWEETS]


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The television show Anupamaa It is one of the most popular. For a very long time, Rupali Ganguly-led show dominated the TRP charts. The show revolves around Anupamaa the central character and how she sails through all her life struggles. She is married with Anuj Kapadia, played by Gaurav Khanna She is still in touch with her ex-sasural aka Shah Parivaar. She is stuck between the two, but manages to find a balance. There’s a new twist in the story. In the latest Anupamaa promo, we see her traveling to the US. Anupamaa is reportedly going to start a new chapter in her career, supposedly without Anuj Kapadia or their daughter Chhoti Anu. Here’s something peculiar that fans have noticed regarding Anupamaa. Also Read: Anupamaa twist – Anu moves abroad, leaving everyone behind and adopts the English Vinglish language; fans complain of missing Anuj

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Fans noticed that Anupamaa has brought her Indianess to a foreign country as the Anupamaa promo went viral. Some even noticed her wearing her Rs. 300 chappal. Some of them are confused because Anu is not shown with her sindoor. What will happen to Anupamaa in the future? Some fans don’t like this new twist because they’re tired of Anu taking on ‘new adventures’ all the time. Also Read – Anupamaa – Malti will be exposed in front Anuj, and Anu will throw her out of Kapadia’s house?

Below are some tweets about Anupamaa.

Anupamaa had a dream of visiting the US for a very long time. She will now be able to fulfill that dream. Maya was the reason she couldn’t go to America earlier. Vanraj had initially prevented her from taking off. What will happen? She has touched down US but her life will not be easy given the makers. Anupamaa’s story is about that, isn’t?

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