Chiranjeevi is adamant about Trisha, the Leo actress on social media. He says that she’reek of perversion.’


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Fans of Leo actress Trisha Krishnan Actor shocked by actor Mansoor Khan In an interview, he made some distasteful remarks. Many celebrities in different industries were enraged by the statements. The actress called him a vile, misogynistic man on social media. Now, the megastar in Tollywood Chiranjeevi Trisha Krishnan has posted a post on social media. He said such statements are unacceptable for women. Also Read: Karthika Nair weds Rohit Menon in Kerala. Chiranjeevi and Jackie Shroff attend the wedding [View Pics]

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “My attention has been drawn to some reprehensible remarks made by actor Mansoor Ali Khan regarding Trisha. The comments are disgusting and distasteful not just for an Artiste, they are also for any girl or woman. These comments must be condemned harshly. They are perverse. I stand with the @trishtrashers as well as every woman who is subjected to such horrendous comments.” Mansoor Ali Khan said he would not apologize for the comments he made, because they were in jest. He also said he would sue Trisha Krishnan in defamation court for refusing to work with him. Also Read: Chiranjeevi’s jawan mania; the megastar shows off his smooth moves to Shah Rukh Khan’s song [Watch]

Mansoor Khan said he had thought that he would do an intimate scene with Trisha in Leo. He also claimed that he’d done a lot of rape scenes. Trisha Krishnan wasn’t in any of his scenes when he visited the Leo sets. Many celebrities criticized him. Lokesh Knagaraj, director of Leo is one of them. The filmmaker wrote in X that he was “disappointed and enraged” to hear Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan’s misogynistic statements, given that they all worked on the same team. Respect for women and fellow professionals, including artists and filmmakers, should be non-negotiable within any industry. And I condemn this behaviour.” Mansoor Khan has now said that he won’t apologize to the Nadigar sangam. He said that he had said it in a humorous tone and there was not need to temporarily ban him. He also said he had the support of Tamils. Also Read – Aishwarya Bachchan and Chiranjeevi teaming up for a fantasy movie with a large budget? Fans share their excitement on social media

Mansoor ali Khan played the convict role in Leo. The Thalapathy vijay film has grossed Rs 600 crores and more at the box office. Trisha Krishnan slammed these comments on X as vile, misogynistic and sexist. She said that she would not work with him again. Mansoor Khan said that reality is different from films and that people have exaggerated the issue. He said that the outcry from celebrities on social media sounds hypocritical, but the public knows his truth. Khan said that he would give Nadigar a four-hour window to retract their statements about him. Trisha and Thalapathy were reunited for Leo, after a long break. The film will be on Netflix starting November 24, 2023.

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