Anveshi Jain and Kasturi Chhetri, Top 10 adult web series actresses who have dominated OTT



Exclusive : Rakhi Sawant spoke about her mother’s untimely demise in an interview with Adil Durrani’s parents’ behavior towards her, the fact that she is not Muslim, and that they won’t accept her at all. What she has been through to keep her marriage. She was tearing up as she told her story of a broken relationship and how she had been subjected to domestic violence and physical abuse. She asked Adil about his desire to marry her, and that she had converted to Islam in order to marry him. She also revealed that Adil uses pills to have sex both with men and women. He has taken money from her and even her bestie Rajshree has betrayed. Rakhi continued to say that although she is called the “drama queen” of the industry, she only does it to support her and her family financially. She doesn’t intentionally wear such clothes because she’s neither the daughter of Amitabh and Anil Kapoor. Rakhi has expressed that she hopes to marry someone like Sana Khan’s husband Mufti Ans one day. She talked about the month-long marriage she had with Ritesh. She left him as soon as she learned about his family and marriage after she finished the reality show “Bigg Boss”. She didn’t want anyone to suffer and wanted to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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