Ankita Lokhande discusses her ugly breakup with Sushant Sing Rajput, and how she asked her mother for his pictures to be torn.


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Pavitra Rishta actress Ankita Lokhande Posted late Sushant Rajput For a long time. The two met and fell in a love on the Ekta kapoor set. Ankita and Sushant were together for several years until they parted ways in 2016. Both Ankita and Sushant maintained a private relationship after their breakup. Ankita was also shocked by Sushant’s sudden death in 2020. Rajbet Movies has now been on WhatsApp. Click here to receive the latest news Entertainment News Also Read – Bigg Boss: Elvish supports friend Anurag, and says ‘Only wrong things are revealed.

In a recent interview Ankita opened up about her painful breakup with Sushant. She said she waited two and a quarter years for the relationship to return to normal. She told BBC News Hindi, she hoped for a normal relationship between them but on January 31, she told her mom to remove all photos of Sushant. Ankita told her mother to take down all the pictures of Sushant and Ankita in her house. Ankita asked her mom to tear up all the photos and decided she would need to make room for someone else in her life. Also Read – Bigg Boss 17. It’s time to pay back as Munawar faruqui nominates Ankita for elimination

Ankita told Sushant that she would never be able to have anyone else in her life. She went to her room and told the mother to tear down all of the pictures. She cried heavily that day and revealed that this was the beginning of the end for her relationship with Sushant. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17. Ankita confesses to bringing Vicky Jain as part of her game. Vicky Jain offers Rs 4 crore in payment after the fight. 

Ankita revealed that Vicky Jain entered her life after six months and they fell in love. Ankita Jain and Vicky Jain got married in December of 2021. They currently appear in Bigg Boss 17 Ankita has spoken about how her relationship with Sushant ended over night and that people were manipulating him as he became successful. Ankita revealed Sushant never explained the reason for their breakup.

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