Ankita Lokhande is angry at Vicky Jain for laughing about separation; Vicky Jain says, “Apni jaban pe lagam laga” [WATCH]


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Bigg Boss 17 The audience has loved it since the beginning. The show has been a huge success and is being talked about on social media. This season and in the house, there is a lot going on. Ankita Lohande, Vicky Jain They are the most talked-about contestants. We saw a lot of fights and arguments when the couple entered the show. It can be quite annoying to see Vicky treat Ankita in some cases. Salman Khan has criticised him twice for his rude and disrespectful behavior towards Ankita. This time Vicky wasn’t happy and asked Ankita not to come. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17. Rajiv Aatia expresses great concern over Ankita Lohande and Vicky Jain’s fighting

Yesterday, there was a tabadla. The housemates have been sent to different homes according to the report card that was set up. Bigg BosVicky Jain went to the Dimaag House and Ankita stayed at the Dil House. Ankita is shown in a promo getting upset while Vicky Jain laughs and smiles. Rajbet Movies has now been on WhatsApp. Click here to receive the latest Entertainment News. Also Read: Bigg Boss 17. Anurag dobhal aka UK rider considering a voluntary withdrawal from the show. Netizens describe the show as ‘cheap’ and ‘low class’

Vicky Jain attacks Ankita Lohande

Ankita becomes angry and says “Daant Phaad Ke Hass Raha Hai.” She asks if he’s happy about being shifted out of the Dil house. She tells Vicky later that he has cheated her and is clever. She also tells her husband to forget they are married. Also Read – Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Lokhande’s fans are heartbroken by Vicky Jain’s behaviour. Netizens are reminded of Ranbir and the lipstick issue

Vicky Jain gets angry and tells Ankita to be careful with her language. He says, “Apni jubaan pe lagam laga”. This is a major story in TV and Entertainment News.

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Salman Khan is also expected to teach Ankita’s and Vicky’s class this week. He will need to resolve the differences that have arisen.

In terms of the new houses, Neil Bhatt & Aishwarya have been moved to the Dum House along with Rinku dhawan & Jigna Vora. Anurag dobhal, Arun mahashettey Sunny Aryaa, aka Tehelka Bhai, and Sana Raees are also in the Dimaag House. Munawar Faruqui was moved to the Dil House.

BTS Videos of Bigg Boss 17 Promo

Isha Malviya remains in the Dil House. Bigg Boss played a major game by changing the house again.

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